We will be a great match if you are:

1. A small business owner doing all or part of your business online (either just starting out or in the first 1 – 4 years of your business)

2. You are smart and confident in almost all areas of your business. On the money front, you are either too busy or you’re tired of feeling inadequate, out of your element and scared of making a wrong move.

3. You are tired of keeping your head in the sand! You are ready to partner with someone who will teach you what you need (and what you don’t need) to know so you can be in control of your financial systems.


Choose Your Pace

We work at whatever speed works best for you.

  • Want to know what you should do, but want to do it yourself? Check out our Explained Plan of DIY courses. This is our most budget-friendly option.
  • Want someone to walk you through your money system set up and provide a helping hand when you need it? Go with an Easy Plan.
  • Want to be completely hands-off, and have someone take care of the bookkeeping for you? The Effortless Plan is perfect for you.



Let’s Talk

Not sure of which is the better choice for you – EFFORTLESS or EASY plan?

Click here to schedule a free 20 min virtual Zoom or phone meeting.

We’ll chat about your business, see if we’re a great fit for each other and figure out what’s best for you.

Maybe an easy plan with set up, training and check-ins to keep you on track.

Or perhaps effortless full monthly bookkeeping – all you do is the invoicing, banking and uploading of all non-digital documents.

Maybe it’s somewhere in between.

Let’s talk and see what we can create together!