The Growth Package


Right now….

You’re stressing about the current state of your books…. or books, what books?

You have papers all over the place – receipts in shoeboxes & piles, digital receipts lost in the inbox black hole, and only a few things actually logged into your system (if you even have one).

You have a fuzzy idea of what your expenses or profits look like.  You’re probably paying too much (or not enough) when it comes to your taxes! A big no-no for any serious business owner like yourself.

…But you’re not ready to hand it all over to someone else.  You still want to take care of it, but you need expert guidance along the way.

Enter the Growth Package

Say buh-bye to the Tax Season Scramble, and hello! to a personalized long-term solution, you ACTUALLY understand!

Imagine knowing….

  • Exactly where your money is going
  • How much is going where
  • How much is coming in
  • How to make smart decisions with your money using your own personalized action plan

That’s where the Growth Package comes in!

Imagine handing over the reins (temporarily) to a Certified Professional Bookkeeper who will:


  • Go through your finances top to bottom
  • Make professional suggestions to save you money

Help you create a personalized system that’s easy for you to manage (and keep up with)

Let’s do this! Check out the details of the Growth Package to choose an option which best fits you and your business!

All Options include:


1:1 Intake & Strategy Session

One 45 minute recorded call that assesses your needs from top to bottom – so we can create a unique money system which fits your needs.  By the end of the call you’ll know where to start and what type of software or system you should choose!

Personalized Training Component

No cookie cutter solutions here. There’s lots of options out there when it comes to accounting systems.

Over the 30-day set up period, together we’ll refine the best options for you based on your lifestyle, your preferences and your business structure.

A video tutorial will be included that you can refer back to at any time.

Plus, we’ll make sure you get your DIY systems up and running which will create ease, calm and flow; AND save you money in the long run when it comes to tax time!

Private Facebook Group

You’re not in this alone!  That’s why you’ll have continuous support through a community of other like minded entrepreneurs who are committed to managing their finances successfully.

Have a question?  Post it in the group. I’ll be there to provide all the answers you need to make sure your system doesn’t just survive… it thrives! Oh, and this comes at no additional cost for the whole first year!

So let’s do this!

It’s time to get your money tamed once and for all!  (No more last-minute scrambling.)

Choose your Growth Package 

Want some help?

Schedule a quick chat with me!  Together, we’ll figure out which option is best for you.

How does the price compare to hiring a bookkeeper?

An outsourced bookkeeper costs approx. $250-$350/month and accountant fees start at $100/hr. With the Easy Plan you get access to a Certified Professional Bookkeeper at a fraction of the cost!

You get a featured expert/training each month and at least one of them (probably a few) will be a CPA who can answer your more in depth questions.

Does the Growth Package include the cost of software?

No, you’re responsible for software costs. We’ll discuss this as part of our Strategy Session, since software costs can be a big part of the decision.

What software programs will we look at?

My preference, and what I use with all my regular clients, is Xero (Certified Silver Partner).  I am also certified in Freshbooks and Sage 50 and experienced with Quickbooks, QBO and Excel.

I’ll find you an online solution unless you really prefer a desktop or manually based system.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Of course! I’m happy to refund your money if find that the program isn’t for you.

If we’ve already done the initial strategy session and setup, there is a $250 non-refundable portion which covers that cost.

If we have not done the initial strategy session and setup, you will be refunded the full amount.

What is a money system, anyways?

The Money System we’ll create includes:

  1. A bookkeeping/tracking system that works for you. This could be a customized spreadsheet, basic accounting software or more advanced accounting software.
  2. A filing system – either paper or electronic, or a combo of both.
  3. A scheduled Money Date, which is the time you dedicate to entering and dealing with your bookkeeping. This can be daily, weekly, or monthly.
  4. Research and integration of apps, add-ons & technology that make the whole process faster and easier for you to successfully manage  yourself.
  5. Accountability and training so don’t fall off the wagon this time because you ran into something that stumps you, or you figure no one will know. We will know. You can count on it!