I am one of those financial “geeks” who actually like to find out the new tax rules each year and hunt through financial websites so I can learn new things every day. I know what you’re thinking, she must be nuts.  I sometimes think that myself and my sons sure love to tell me what a nerd I am…

I was born and raised in the city but have since become quite the country girl and enjoy being out on the lake, skiing and walking with my dog.  I’d love to say I go running with my dog but really that’s an ongoing challenge and a story for another time.

I have a problem with taking out too many library books and then not being able to return them on time because I’ve not had time to read them all.  I’m sure there’s a special name for this particular disorder but no one at the library ever complains when I drop in to give them my quarterly “donation”.

As my business has grown I have taken on a small team of 4 amazing assistants who help keep me on page and organized so our client work gets completed on time.  I have so many ideas and a real issue with all things new and shiny so they help keep me focused on our goals.

My husband (Trevor) and I have a penchant for travel to out of the way places with beaches, amazing snorkeling and really hot weather where we can find great food and wine (although Tequila will work in a pinch).  Our end goal is to be able to travel for several months of the year and really experience the places we visit while we are still young enough to do all of the activities that we love.