Nomadtopia - In this podcast Kelly talks to Amy of Nomadotopia about how after bringing her in-person business to the online world, she was able to work for three months in Mexico with her husband, dog and cat. 

Amy and Kelly explore:

  • Sorting out tech and logistics for the trip,
  • Necessary tools and strategies for dealing with limited internet access,
  • What’s changed as a result of their experience,
  • And how she took her in-person business online!

Jetpack Workflow - A big part of being able to work in Mexico for three months was because Kelly had shifted her offline business to a thriving and growing online business.

In this podcast with David Cristello, Kelly shares:

  • Why she needed to change her business model in order to grow,
  • What she discovered by niching down her clients and business,
  • What happened when she hit the tipping point, 
  • Her experience working in Mexico during the Canadian winter.

That Marketing Dude - Luke from That Marketing Dude and Kelly dive into getting your finances in line in this podcast, "Getting Your Finances In Line and Chasing Sharks in the Bahamas."

Kelly and Luke cover:

  • Get started managing your finances, 
  • What tools you to use,
  • Separating your personal and business finances,
  • How your bookkeeping is affected by how your business is set up, 
  • And tax saving opportunities!

Madison Manthuga - Madison and Kelly explore the beauty of location freedom in this podcast, "Beachfront Bookkeeping: Filling an Empty Nest With a Summer-Chasing Digital Nomad Life."

Learn more about:

  • Whose advice you should take when planning your travels,
  • Systematizing your business,
  • Balancing different travel and organization styles in your marriage,
  • And what is "stuff" all about anyways.
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