Bookkeeping for Yoga Teachers – A podcast interview with Shannon Crow

Show Notes from a recent Podcast where I spoke with Shannon Crow of  the Connected Yoga Teacher about money, taxes and business. Lots of info specifically for Yoga teachers but a lot can be applied to many small businesses. It’s the middle of the tax season in the US and Canada, and it can be intimidating to

Money Leaks – Fix them to save hundreds of dollars

As we get further into fall, it’s a great time to check for Money Leaks and re-evaluate your upcoming year in business.  We don’t always see these little leaks – but they do add up. Picture a bucket of water with pinholes – you may not see the water slowly dripping out but if you

Virtual Bookkeeping for your online business

Wait – We Don’t Meet in Person??? ​ How do people with an online business work together with a bookkeeper and accountant when they aren’t in person? Often with new clients when we first start talking and they wonder “Oh, how do we even do this?” Typically in the past, at tax time, one would

Track Expenses On The Go for your Online Business

How To Track Expenses On The Go Tracking your expenses is imperative to the health of your business, but it can be time consuming and cumbersome. I’m all about finding the best tools to make your life easier. If it’s convenient and easy, you will use it: especially when you are on the go!   

January Resolutions & Fresh Starts

January is the Month of Resolutions & Fresh Starts​ We all look to January as the time to clear our slate of the prior year, makes plans for what we want the New Year to look like, and to set goals for our business/career, health, lifestyle and finances. While some are successful carrying out their

Getting Your Records Ready For Your Tax Professional

Do It Yourself or Hire a Professional?​ When it comes to income tax preparation, there are two types of folks: do-it-yourselfers and those who hire professionals.   For many businesses, having a professional such as a bookkeeper or accountant prepare their income tax returns is the most sensible option. Not all of us have time