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Every month I felt like I was falling further and further behind on my accounting. I would sit down to work on it and I would be missing receipts or filing entries online in the wrong places. I knew I was making mistakes but I just didn’t know where to get help. I had interviewed a few bookkeepers and always came away from the meetings feeling inadequate and unknowledgeable .

The stress of trying to handle my books on my own was overwhelming and was keeping me up at night.

Since I started working with KC& Co I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. From our first meeting, Kelly made me feel empowered and excited about getting back on track. She didn’t expected me to know about the ins and outs of taxes and accounting but was there to inform and help me through the process. I sleep soundly at night knowing that they are taking care of things and I don’t worry about any surprises coming up like I had before we started working together.

I think as a new business owner there is so much to learn. Once I started to learn the ins and outs of write offs and tax brackets, I couldn’t understand why everyone isn’t self employed! ;)
The biggest bonus is not having to stress about the details. Knowing that Kelly and the team are there to take care of things for me!


Holly Schefold Nourish Cooking Company

Danielle Lewis Designs

I've got to say, teaming up with KC&Company has been a real game-changer for me. Before, I was swamped with keeping track of my books and felt overwhelmed. Now, I feel like I've got a much better handle on the day-to-day stuff.

But here's the kicker: the customer support is out-of-this-world good. Kelly and Dixie sat down with me and walked me through the whole system, making sure I understood every nook and cranny. They really took the time to set me up for success, and because of that, I feel way more prepared for whatever comes next in my business. Two thumbs up, would definitely recommend!

@daniellelewisdesigns on IG

Danielle Lewis Danielle Lewis Designs

I struggled to find an accountant that TRULY gets digital products and online services

Prior to working with the team at KC&Co as part of the GROWTH package, I always felt nervous when tax time came around. I was unsure whether I saved enough or if I made any mistakes.

I struggled to find an accountant that truly gets digital products and online services and now that I do I feel so. much. more. confident!

I know what to do every month to keep my books up to date and I feel so much more at ease because of it!

I felt a bit overwhelmed at first with all the information and trying to put the pieces together but near the end when Dixie looked at my books and said I was doing great, I felt that much better! I felt supported throughout by you and Dixie going above and beyond!

@backpacksandbudgets / @holliencompany

Hollie Lowes Hollie & Company

Working with KC & Company has been a game changer! 

Wow, where did I even begin!

I feel so taken care of in a personal and one to one manner. It's like having my own finance team managing the most important assets of my business. I no longer need to worry about if something was input incorrectly or missed by me.

My stress is nearly all gone with this part of my business which has freed up my mind and resources to prioritize other aspects of growing my business. Also, the patience, kindness and understanding from Natasha has made me feel less guilty about what a mess my business finances were in.

Being able to have a team available to answer questions over email, text, video chat has been incredible for me.

I feel like I am in very capable hands with your team and even though it took us a while to get where we are I feel like everything is clicking and we will only continue to get better from here.

As a small business owner looking to scale up her business model working with your company has been a game changer. To not to have to worry about these moving pieces in my online business is a gift.

The pluses to working with Kelly & her team are many!

  • Keeping my books organized, up to date and free of mistakes.
  • Reclaiming time back from administrative tasks that I wasn't qualified to manage.
  • Feeling confident that the finances of my business were being taken care of in a meticulous manner
  • A huge portion of my weekly to do list is now being owned and managed by your team and that has given me so much of my life back, personally and professionally
  • I actually feel more excited than ever to look at the numbers in my business without fear of there being mistakes.

Kristyn Snell MODERNSPEAK Inc.

Everything is simplified now!

Before starting with KC&Co (Scale Package) I was struggling with keeping up with tracking expenses, scrambling to do my taxes, and frustrated with the time and energy it was taking me to try and figure everything out myself when I had other priorities to attend to.

I had no idea what my numbers even looked like each month which was a massive problem and standing in the way of my business growth - numbers are everything!

Simplified! Kelly and her team are always there if I have any questions, quick to respond and incredibly knowledgeable.

Prepping for taxes and getting monthly income and expense reports emailed straight to me has been life-changing.

Having the safety and security of knowing that the financials are being managed and taken care of is such a relief and a huge weight off my shoulders.

Kelly and her team are beyond patient, both in terms of answering questions and extremely non-judgemental when I've been so slow to gather the necessary information needed, particularly with on-boarding. I often feel that I must be a less-than ideal client to work with, but Kelly is a joy to deal with and always puts me at ease!

Emily Gough Emily Gough Coaching

The days of crying over my bookkeeping messes are over

I was so happy to finally find someone who understood e-commerce and how to efficiently deal with a large number of smaller transactions.

Before I started working with KC&Company, I always felt stressed out because I didn't understand bookkeeping and wasn't able to keep up on my own.

After having fallen way behind on my previous year's bookkeeping, not only are we all caught up, but we've developed a flow that makes it so easy for my bookkeeping to get done each month. It's been a complete game-changer!

I started working with Kelly as a Growth Client and quickly found that because of my business growth, I needed the team to take it for me so I upgraded to the Scale Package. The transition was seamless since they were directly involved in setting up my bookkeeping through the Growth package.

I'm so thankful that we've found ways to automate even the portions that I'm responsible for - it literally takes me about a half hour each month, and because we are so on top of things together, I don't feel that sense of panic trying to sort out mystery transactions from many months prior like I used to.

It's such a good feeling to know that everything is being handled correctly, in a timely manner, and that my days of crying over bookkeeping messes are over! A big thing for me was learning how to get organized and which tools to use to automate things as much as possible.

Hubdoc is a lifesaver and I have automated my Gmail to forward receipts from all of my recurring transactions, so right there, 90% of my work gets done without me having to lift a finger. Investing in the Scale package was another big thing for me.

People in my circle keep insisting that bookkeeping is simple and I kept telling myself that I could learn too - after all, I'm smart enough to start a business from scratch, I could learn this if it's that simple! But it's not simple to me. It's literally the only thing in business that has made me think that maybe I'm not cut out for being an entrepreneur - there are so many little things and exceptions to remember and it gives me brain freeze. I'm glad that I got a more in-depth look at what goes into keeping my books organized, because I really wanted to make sure that I wasn't hiding my head in the sand about all of that. But learning all those little rules and exceptions is not something I'm passionate about and I'm so glad it's off my plate now .

The biggest bonus is that the stress and sense of impending doom I would feel whenever a CRA deadline was looming is gone. It was so nice to see it done and filed over a week before the deadline after our biggest quarter of the year. It used to be such a massive stress.

We can't be good at everything, no matter how easy and simple anyone else insists it is for them. So if you have a hard time wrapping your brain around bookkeeping, just source it out already!

Sylvie Roy Eclair Lips Inc.

I didn't know, what I didn't know...

Before I started working with Kelly and her team, I didn't know if I was handling my financials correctly. I basically didn't know what I didn't know. I didn't want to spend my time inefficiently in my business.

Now my finances are being handled in a professional way. I know that Kelly and the team have my back and support. My stress levels go down and I have more confidence in knowing that I have a team of experts helping me with the day to day financial inputting and payroll stuff but also advice on cash flow and tax planning. I appreciate the support they all give me and would be happy to recommend them!

Kelly Bateson Kelly Bateson Media

I can sleep at night

Super grateful for your guidance here. This is scary AF to be investing the way I am in my biz for growth this year during times like this and it’s so helpful to know my books are in order. I wouldn’t sleep otherwise.

The Great Canadian Woman.

Sarah Swain Business Strategist | Podcast Host | Author

I can finally concentrate on growing my business

I never knew what my actual numbers were on a day-to-day basis. I felt disorganized and distracted by the bookkeeping tasks that I needed to stay up to date with as a successful entrepreneur.

I can't tell you the ease I felt having Kelly and her team taking it all over for me.

Now I can concentrate on being a life coach, and building my business, knowing that they are keeping an eye on many of the other essential business activities.

I am making more money, for one. With KC and Co taking care of so much for me, I can focus on what I'm good at, and leave accounting, reconciling, organizing my taxes to the professionals.

It's always a bonus to find people who have the same passion for their work that you have for yours! The ladies are fired up about what they do and it shows!

Plus, they are real people and I've never hesitated to ask them "dumb" questions. Thanks for having my back, Babes.

Don't waste another minute organizing little pieces of paper. Let Kelly get you automated like I am, and relax. It's all handled.

Marcy Barbaro Calm Centre

Gather Wellness

I've got to be honest, before working with Kelly and her team at KC&Company, I was basically burying my head in the sand when it came to finances. But now? I actually get excited about looking at my numbers, because I know what I'm working with!

What's really awesome is that these folks are totally "on it." They're not just experts in what they do, they're passionate about it—which is perfect because managing finances is so not my jam. They make me feel like I'm in really caring and professional hands, and you can tell they're super grateful for the chance to help out. Totally the kind of vibe you want when you're entrusting someone with your business. Two big thumbs up!

Marnie Laplante Dr. Marnie Laplante, ND

It's one of the best things I have done for my business

I purchased the Growth Package with KC & Company and it's one of the best things I have done for my business.

I love the easy software I was introduced to and the assistance with assigning expenses to accounts made everything so much easier than doing it alone!

Setting up the accounts & reconciling accounts was the biggest struggle for me but Kelly and her team made it easier by walking me through each step until I had it figured out.

I now feel more in control of the money management side of running a small business. The biggest AHA moment for me was how accounting software has become more user-friendly and less intimidating.

I highly recommend Kelly Christian & Co for all your small business accounting and bookkeeping needs.


Thanks so much Kelly for helping me by guiding me slowly and patiently through the setting up of my bookkeeping accounts.

I have always felt at a loss when it came to the money side of managing a small business and your kind, friendly and supportive assistance made me feel more comfortable and confident.

Laura Fowler Massie Yoga Chelsea - Calm Kids Yoga

My Sunday mornings are finally stress free!

I am a Scale client . . I will say, every Sunday morning when I am sipping my coffee I am grateful for you and your team. For years, Sunday mornings were filled with "trying to catch up" and struggles and overwhelmed with the bookkeeping for our 2 businesses. I happily paying my bill to you as I sip my coffee on Sunday mornings . .

Wendy Batten Front Porch Mercantile

I always felt unprepared for taxes EVERY year

Prior to working with the team, I was unable to see an accurate picture of my business expenses or revenue month to month and I felt unprepared for annual taxes each year.

After going through the Growth Program with the KC&Co team, I can now see a clear picture of my revenue and expenses across all accounts and platforms I sell on.

To prepare my taxes, I previously relied on crunching numbers in a spreadsheet and did not have a system for saving receipts. Now, I have everything organized in Quickbooks and preparing my taxes will no longer be stressful for me.

I now have a sustainable system for managing my business finances on a regular basis. Seeing a clear picture of my business finances in a central location has given me the ability to better monitor expenses and make investment decisions. Having these systems in place has made such a positive impact on my business, I'm now a more confident business owner and I feel empowered to make bigger investments in my business.

The new system and processes I now have in place have taken so much stress out of the financial side of my business and is allowing me to focus my energy on the more creative work I truly enjoy. I cannot thank you enough for the GROWTH program!

Jane Bruner Laurel Studio

Fear was my main emotion around money and business

Before coming on with KC&Co as a Scale Client, Fear was my main emotion around money and my business. And lots of it! Add to that overspending and feeling out of control in the back end of my biz.

I feel like asking for help was a huge step in the right direction.

I am definitely still learning this dialect in the language of business, and for me this experience has allowed me to deconstruct my shame of “not knowing” and allowed me to use more of my own natural intention and mindfulness to this aspect of my biz as well.

They’re just so attentive to detail. I find this work scary and frustrating, and having communicated that to them, I felt very safe to be honest about not knowing what I didn’t know. That’s basically the definition of empowerment. Just grateful xoxoxo

Leisse Wilcox

Kelly Christian just ROCKED my WORLD!

I was so stressed about transferring my business from province to province and her accounting savvy just gave me peace of mind. (Ladies and gents… she has something awe-some coming out in the next month or so for us who aren’t loving the accounting bit… or for people starting, biz startup bit… keep your eye out for this one!)

Katie Momo  //  Owner, The Copy Pro

1000% recommend her!!

Kelly took the hot mess that was my “books” and made it into a system that makes SENSE. 

Shelsey Cayer //  Owner, Left Brained Hippy

Definitely part of my happy this year!

I think about the huge step I took with you this year moving my paper-based bookkeeping to online. Total trust in you helped me trust myself to make the transition so smooth saving me time and money.

Lerae Gidyk  //  Master Certified Coach, Soul Designs Coaching

Wow… I am so impressed with Kelly’s knowledge and willingness to help.

She immediately responded to my needs and explained things in a way that made sense. She goes the extra mile and you can tell it’s not a burden to do so. I would definitely recommend her to anyone I know. Looking forward to a great relationship with you. Thanks again.

Kim Bowen  //  Jigsaw Forming & Framing, Kelowna Bilingual Preschool

She is so REAL and knowledgeable...

Just wanted to take a quick minute to highly one of our bosses, Kelly Christian. She is going to be working with me on my finances for my business and I have to say, I love her already. She is so REAL and knowledgeable and she honestly makes what is for me a scary process into a fun one where I feel safe and excited to get my shit in order. Knawhadimean?!

Zoey Sigmon  //  Owner, Merhispsy Healing

I would recommend her to anyone who needs help.

My husband and I own Scotch Creek Bottle Depot. We have known Kelly for over 5 years now, and we both find her to be confident in her work as a Bookkeeper. We needed someone 5 years ago to help me get started with the company books. I had no idea on what to do. I found Kelly and ever since then she has worked for us. She is a God send. She knows what she is doing with much confidence and expertise. She is kind, funny and a good listener and teacher. If Kelly does not know the answer to something, she will go to great lengths to find the answer you need.

Roxanne Kilback  //  Scotch Creek Bottle Depot

Kelly introduced integral tools and processes that I would never have known about that save me time every single month.

Overall, things are going smoothly on the accounting front and it feels SO good to be caught up. Teaming up on this has really helped dig me out of a hole, and onto technology that is such an upgrade.

I simply could not have managed the migration to Xero without Kelly. The plan I chose is rightly named “Easy”. But it’s more than that. Kelly introduced integral tools and processes that I would never have known about that save me time every single month. Talk about ROI!

Kelly was always available, patient and great to work with. And today, I’m actually on top of my books! I don’t hesitate to recommend her.

Kelly Pachet  //  Co-Founder & Partner, Quarterback Digital

I know that it will be done correctly...

I always did my own taxes because I thought it would be too expensive to have someone else do them. A few years ago I decided I did not need the hassle of trying to fight with the computer program when Kelly seems to have such a talent for it. I know that it will be done correctly and if there are any issues arising from the tax assessment, they will be dealt with.

Donna Bramston  //  Personal Tax Client

I trust Kelly with my taxes and know she will take care of anything that might come up.

Kelly Christian and Company is a very reputable business. I trust Kelly with my taxes and know she will take care of anything that might come up. She has handled taxes for my whole family for years and it is always a positive experience.

Alexandra Bischoff  //  Personal Tax Client

Kelly makes the stress of taxes disappear...

Since my tax forms are a mix from Alberta and BC I was worried it would be confusing but Kelly made the process very smooth and convenient. She knew the questions to ask so I would receive a larger tax return.

The personal care I received from Kelly and her team will keep me coming back every year for tax services. Kelly makes the stress of taxes disappear and takes care of everything at your convenience. I feel confident that with Kelly I will be receiving the best tax return due to me. Plus the services she offers are cheaper than H&R block. I will definitely continue to use this company in the future.

Trista Rassmussen  //  Personal Tax Client

Kelly Christian and Company saves us the worry of wondering if we have done our taxes right.

We know our taxes are done right and they are done in a speedy manner, which causes us less stress. She is open, friendly and knowledgeable which made us feel comfortable. We enjoy working with Kelly she is fun and does things in a profession way.

Edward & Kathleen Shaw  //  E & K Merchandise, Business Tax Client

You really knew just what to do about all their requests.

I got a letter from Canada Revenue this week informing me they have completed their review based on the documentation submitted and have allowed the claims that were under review.  Thanks so much for handling this for me.  You really knew just what to do about all their requests.

Phyllis Mead //  Personal Tax Client

 Top quality bookkeeping firm.

I found Kelly through the Xero expert search on the website and she has worked with me for the last few years.  The work done by Kelly and her team has been very good and consistently high quality.  What I appreciate about the work done on Xero is Kelly has done the bulk of the work with minimum input from me and her efforts produced accurate work.I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone looking for a top-quality bookkeeping firm to handle one of the most important aspects of any business.

Paul Tufts //  Juiced SEO Agency

Easy cheerful person to work with.

At first, I thought it would be helpful working with an Accountant or a Bookkeeper or to do it by myself but just found out having hard time and difficulty.. until I learned Kelly Christian and Company and my point of view had changed a lot and start not worrying about Taxes!

They are easy cheerful person to work with. They have a reliable and prompt service that saves me. Kelly has been a great help to us both over several years. We recommend her highly to others.

Jack Lewis  //  L&S Garage

Kelly is always available to answer questions and has a friendly and supportive attitude. 

The team at KC & Company assisted me with bookkeeping and year end financial statement preparation for the strata in which I live. I contacted Kelly as I did not have enough experience to complete these taxes to the level that was required. At the start we only knew Kelly as a personal tax preparer but soon found that we were in good hands with Strata finances as well.

I like that I now have more free time to concentrate on the things that I am skilled at without worrying about a myriad of details. Kelly is always available to answer questions and has a friendly and supportive attitude. She even makes house calls!

William Mead  //  Strata K240 & Personal Tax Client

I find Kelly very easy to talk to, knowledgeable...

Kelly Christian has been preparing our taxes for the past few years. Previously I had been doing them myself. I am pleased with her work. I find Kelly very easy to talk to, knowledgeable and up-to-date on Canadian taxes.

Charles Fisher  //  Personal Tax Client

Big props to Kelly Christian, the Canadian accountant!

So generous, helpful, and knowledgeable. I’m blown away by how supportive this group is.

Marta Chelsea Abel

We would highly recommend KC & Company to anyone needing tax preparation.

We were thrilled to find KC & Company to prepare our personal taxes without having to travel to Kamloops or Salmon Arm. We are very satisfied with the professional service provided. We would highly recommend KC & Company to anyone needing tax preparation.

Betty & Lou Etchevery // Personal Tax Clients

Kelly has a pleasant, professional personality.

She is very knowledgeable about taxes and always willing to accommodate my schedule.

Ron Alford  //  Owner, Onyx Creek Apiarys

We find the company to be efficient, timely and technically very knowledgeable.

Kelly Christian and Company has been processing and filing our tax returns for the past three years.  We find the company to be efficient, timely and technically very knowledgeable.  We have presented the company with some interesting and challenging taxation issues that cross the Canada/U.S. border and these issues have been dealt with in a very professional & complete manner. Subsequent queries from the CRA have been limited to only one and this was dealt with in a prompt and completely satisfactory manner.  Kelly Christian and Company is an efficient, professional and affordable organization.  We recommend this Company for both personal and business tax advice and solutions.

Gary & Denise Meier  //  Personal Tax Clients

Our accountant praised Kelly for the high quality of her year-end records.

Kelly Christian of KC Bookkeeping has done a great job for Sunnyside Supermarket in Celista. Her reports are timely and accurate. She is available to answer questions, fill out forms and deal with government agencies. Our accountant praised Kelly for the high quality of her year-end records. This, in turn, saved us money as few adjustments were needed. We are very pleased.
Jeri & Terry Myers

Owners, Sunnyside Supermarket Ltd

Jeri & Terry Myers  //  Owners, Sunnyside Supermarket Ltd

She is prompt, efficient, helpful and friendly.

It has eliminated the stress of doing our taxes and worrying about missing deductions that were available to us. All we need to do is assemble the documents and Kelly takes it from there.  We would recommend Kelly Christian to anyone needing someone to prepare their income tax returns. She is prompt, efficient, helpful and friendly.

James and Phyllis Mead  //  Personal Tax Clients