Getting your Finances in Line and Chasing Sharks in the Bahamas

That time where I had a chat with Luke Benjamin-Thomas of "That Marketing Dude Show" that started out as taking about all things bookkeeping, online business and finances the took a turn to talk of our shark experiences in the Bahamas.

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Travel, location independence and online business finances


Show notes from "That Marketing Dude Show"

In today’s episode, I have Kelly Christian on the show to talk about how to get your finances in line because let’s be honest… How many of us keep proper track of our finances when we’re traveling? Not many of us right?

This is why I brought Kelly on the show! I asked Kelly for a quick bio and here’s what she said:

“I am a registered professional bookkeeper, trained in bookkeeping 20 years ago during my time at UVIC and Camosun College in Victoria, BC (it seems like just yesterday….).

I am one of those financial “geeks” who actually like to find out the new tax rules each year and hunt through financial websites so I can learn new things every day. I know what you’re thinking, she must be nuts.  I sometimes think that myself and my sons sure love to tell me what a nerd I am…”

I’ve gotten to know Kelly a little bit through a little community I’m a part of, Screw The Nine To Five, and she’s an awesome chick.

She’s a Canadian tax account but the things we talk about today are just some little tips and tricks on how you can get your finances under control so when the tax man does come a knocking… You’ll be prepared!

Enjoy this episode Dudes and Dudettes!

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  • Getting started managing your finances
  • Tools that can help
  • Separating your business and personal finances
  • How you set your business up effects the bookkeeping
  • Tax saving opportunities


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