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It's STRESSFUL when you don't even know the current state of your books. It's a total drag when income is growing, but cash flow is still too tight to hire a bookkeeper full time.

I have some ideas for you on how you can stay on top of your finances NOW without the high monthly costs of hiring a bookkeeper.


Here are the first 3 steps we recommend that will allow you to move forward in your business:

1. Now is the time to find and get your Trusted Business Advisor in place. This could be an Accountant or a Certified Bookkeeper. You may have already received the Guide to Choosing your First Accountant or Bookkeeper but if not, you can grab your copy here. This walks you through what to look for, questions to ask etc. You probably won’t need someone to do your bookkeeping full time but you will want help to make sure you have the right combination of pieces in place. This will enable you to keep software costs to a minimum while maximizing the automation to allow you as much time as possible to focus on selling and serving your clients.

2. Are you making decisions with the next steps in mind? Choosing software, employees and contractors based just on where you are at now, will stunt your growth to the next phase of your business. You need to put people and tools in place that may seem a bit of stretch now so that you don't have to circle back and redo these things once your business grows to the next level. Get EXPERT help, DO it ONCE, Complete and MOVE on. You don’t have any time to waste at this stage of your business.

3. If you don’t have a routine or system set up for dealing with your billing, paying vendors and contractors, yesterday was the time to do this. Do this right away and it will save you hours of grief later. Learn more about different bookkeeping systems here.

If you are ready to have us set up a solid money system for you and then learn how to manage it yourself (with as little or as much hand holding as needed) . Check out our GROWTH Package.

Over 3 months we work with you to choose and create a seamless & automated financial “system” for your specific business needs. The main aim is to make it EASY & fast for you to handle this system on a day to day basis so you can shift your focus to sales and service where it needs to be at this point.

Want in on this now? Check out the nitty gritty details here and book your spot (we are limited to only 5 of GROWTH clients per month in order to offer the customized training and support needed).

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