How the heck do I choose the right software to manage my business $$

Is this your question?

Or how about this? I know I need to start tracking my business finances but have no idea where to start looking for bookkeeping software options. 

Or this one? My business is going crazy but I have no idea where my money is at. What do I do first?

These are questions I hear all the time in the Facebook groups I belong to and from the people I speak with online and in person. They know they need to do something but have no idea what the next step looks like. Or the next step has too many choices or is too overwhelming. Or they doubt their abilities and skills in this area so they avoid it at all costs.

I could rant all day about the importance of tracking your business money and how it saves your sleep, sanity and hard-earned profits. I know this isn't as helpful as some simple action items and clear advice.

So for that reason, I am sharing a FREE checklist and video where I do an actual walkthrough of a STARTER Spreadsheet, Freshbooks and Xero bookkeeping software.

It's all good to get advice but I know you also have to see it, to know if it "feels" right for you. I find I have to see it in action to get a good handle on how it will work for me.

Want the Bookkeeping Software: Comparison Checklist and a copy of the walkthrough video?

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The bottom line is that you find a system that YOU WILL USE. Pen/paper, spreadsheet, software.  It should be easy to understand, have the right "feel" and allow you to simplify your tracking. If it makes it harder then it's the wrong choice! 

Side note: In case you're wondering about Quickbooks Online...It's not in my video for the "feel" reason. My personal issue. It's a good product but I find it hard to navigate and it does not feel intuitive for me and many of my clients feel the same. Lots of  people feel differently though so be sure to check it out if none of the above feel right to you.

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