Nothing says “I’m a CEO” quite like handling your money like a boss.

And even though I’m sure you know that, lemme ask you something…

Every Bank Account Tells a Story. What's Yours?

- Overwhelm, panic, & procrastination at tax time because it’s just too much to handle (not to mention ZERO money put aside for taxes…yikes!)

- Mixing your business & personal money, so you don’t really know how much you’re generating or spending in your business

- Money coming & going from a bunch of different places, and no system holding it all together

And I get it! Taking care of your money can seem super intimidating because most of us were never taught how to do it.

It’s easy to resign yourself to the “fact” that until you can afford to hire a bookkeeper to take care of it all for you, your money will just have to be messy.

Let me tell you a secret that most bookkeepers won’t tell you…

You don’t need a bookkeeper.  No, seriously.

All you really need is an expert looking over your shoulder right from the start.

And if taking care of your money has scared you off until now, I got you.

So let me make sure I got a few things straight…

You’re in that super-awkward tween stage of business...

Where you’re making money, but you’re not ready to cough up the dough every month for a bookkeeper.

You scramble every year at tax time...

To gather up all the mess of receipts and statements to give to your accountant and every year you declare “Next year I’ll be READY!” 

You’ve basically been hiding from your money...

Hoping that maybe it’ll just somehow magically take care of itself (HA HA…you know by now it never does)

Did I nail it?  

Hey, don’t worry—I’m not judging you AT ALL.  

I completely and 100% get it, and that’s why I’m here to help.

My name is Kelly Christian, and I’ve been a certified bookkeeper and tax preparer for over 10 years.

And quite frankly? I’m tired of seeing gifted, passionate, and hard-working entrepreneurs let their money be the reason why the world never knows their name.

Every day of my life, I see entrepreneurs making money mistakes that could SO easily be avoided if only they’d just had someone show them the ropes.

Things like...

  • Hiring people before it made financial sense, only to have to let them go months later because they can’t afford it.
  • Hiring expensive coaches and spending the next 4 years paying it off (make sure your cashflow can support this first).
  • Things like mismanaging their revenue because they had zero idea of how to do it differently.
  • Or like getting behind on taxes because they just don’t know how to face it.

I’m well aware that this is not the “sexy” thing in your business.  I know it’s much more fun to focus on things like social media, or selling.

And those things are important!  But without a solid foundation in place to hold your finances, the whole house will crumble.

What if I told you that in just 30 days, you could be...

Running your business without the underlying and constant worry...

...that your numbers are going to come back to bite you.

Sure of exactly what you can and can’t afford to invest in...

...and knowing how to make a sound plan for those “not right this minute” investments.

Enjoying an EASY system in place for all of your expenses and revenue... you know exactly where your money is going.

“Bootstrapping it” doesn’t have to mean that your finances are a mess.

You can run your business like a badass CEO starting right now.

Even if you’ve never balanced a cheque book or reconciled a transaction in your life.

Even if you have no idea what those things mean.

Even if you don’t have hours and hours every week to take care of your money.

And you don’t have to fork out hundreds of dollars a month to pay a bookkeeper.


In this program, I’m going to show you:

The *easiest* way to collect & categorize ALL your receipts so that you’re never desperately trying to find anything at tax time (missing out on valuable deductions!)

How to create dummy-proof systems to categorize expenses (I know, I know….Zzzzzzzzz…but you’ll thank me at tax time and god forbid if you ever get paid a surprise visit by Canada Revenue Agency.)

How to create a cost effective bookkeeping system to automatically track all your revenue and expenses in one place, so that you always know what you need to know about your cash flow.

Shelsey Cayer
Owner, Left Brained Hippy

"Kelly took the hot mess that was my “books” and made it into a system that makes SENSE. 1000% recommend her!!"

Zoey Sigmon
Owner, Merhispsy Healing

"Just wanted to take a quick minute to highly recommend Kelly Christian. She is going to be working with me on my finances for my business and I have to say, I love her already. She is so REAL and knowledgeable and she honestly makes what is for me a scary process into a fun one where I feel safe and excited to get my shit in order. "

Kelly Pachet
Co-Founder & Partner, Quarterback Digital

"Overall, things are going smoothly on the accounting front and it feels SO good to be caught up. Teaming up on this has really helped dig me out of a hole, and onto technology that is such an upgrade.

Kelly introduced integral tools and processes that I would never have known about that save me time every single month. Talk about ROI!

Kelly was always available, patient and great to work with. And today, I’m actually on top of my books! I don’t hesitate to recommend her."

Here’s what you’re getting when you join the STARTER Package:

  • Access to our personalized Training Library (ongoing) all the training you need for you to allow things to “flow” in a manner that you can handle going forward.
  • SMART Money Tracking Spreadsheet with automatically generated reports and how to videos. (No monthly fees here!)
  • Access to 1 monthly Office Hour Zoom call You'll get to join one of our 4 monthly calls along with other business owners to ask all the questions in the areas you need support the most!
  • Weekly Support via slack or email for 1 Month throughout the 1 month contract.

Putting these systems in place now is going to save you SO much headache in the future, and free you up to earn your millions without worry.

The world’s most successful CEO’s make decisions based on where they’re going, and not what got them to where they are.

Katie Momo
Owner, The Copy Pro

"Kelly Christian just ROCKED my WORLD! I was so stressed about transferring my business from province to province and her accounting savvy just gave me peace of mind.

(Ladies and gents… she has something awe-some coming out in the next month or so for us who aren’t loving the accounting bit… or for people starting, biz startup bit… keep your eye out for this one!)"

Lerae Gidyk
Master Certified Coach, Soul Designs Coaching

"I think about the huge step I took with you this year moving my paper-based bookkeeping to online. Total trust in you helped me trust myself to make the transition so smooth saving me time and money. Definitely part of my happy this year!"

Sylvie Roy
Owner, Eclair Lips

"Kelly is fantastic! She was able to answer all of my questions and lay out all of the information out for me simply. Just what I needed!"

So basically, you have three choices:

  1. 1.) Continue to live with your head in the sand, avoiding your finances, and hoping it’ll somehow be okay

  2. 2. ) Duct-tape together a bunch of “kinda okay” bookkeeping solutions, even though it’s actually still causing them a ton of hassle

  3. 3. ) Invest a bit of time and money to create a future-proof and simple system that will grow with them, and make sure the foundation’s strong enough to hold the house they’re building.

  4. I’ll give you two guesses which option the CEO version of you would take, but you’re only gonna need one.

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